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Expressionism Prints and Posters - Wall Art Poster, Wall decor

Expressionism posters and Expressionism prints, best Expressionism wall art posters store

- Find Expressionism print and posters online, select Expressionism art prints for sale and buy Expressionism prints or posters from Expressionism wall art decor posters online store's Expressionism poster print catalogue. Our catalogue of prints and posters by Expressionist artists includes work by early 20th Century European Expressionists such as Gustav Klimt and Edvard Munch, as well as American Abstract Expressionists like Marc Rothko, and Jackson Pollock.

Although separated by a generation and an ocean, these artists all rejected traditional representation in favor of a powerful, abstract style more suited to the expression of personal, often troubling, emotions.

All Expressionism


German Expressionist Movements


Die Brucke

  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (5+)
  Otto Muller (3)
  Edvard Munch (30+)
  Emil Nolde (3)
  Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (5+)

Der Blaue Reiter

  Wassily Kandinsky (200+)
  Franz Marc (60+)

Die Neue Sachlichkeit

  Max Beckmann (3)
  George Grosz (0)

Vienna Secession

  Oskar Kokoschka (5+)
  Gustav Klimt (300+)
  Egon Schiele (50+)


  Fritz Lang: Metropolis(1927) (5+)
  Robert Wiene: the Cabinet of Doctor Caligari(1919) (5+)

American Expressionism

  Arthur Dove (0)

Abstract Expressionism

  Helen Frankenthaler (10+)
  Adolph Gottlieb (4)
  Ellsworth Kelly (10+)
  Morris Louis (10+)
  Robert Motherwell (10+)
  Jackson Pollock (10+)
  Mark Rothko (70+)
  Frank Stella (5)
  Mark Tobey (3)

Historical Influences: Artists

  Albrecht Durer (30+)
  James Ensor (2)
  Paul Gauguin (100+)
  Vincent van Gogh (700+)
  El Greco (4)
  Matthias Grunewald (0)

Historical Influences: Styles


Medieval Art (0)

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