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Baroque and Rococo Prints and Posters - Wall Art Poster, Wall decor

Baroque and Rococo posters and Baroque and Rococo prints, best Baroque and Rococo wall art posters store

- Find Baroque and Rococo print and posters online, select Baroque and Rococo art prints for sale and buy Baroque and Rococo prints or posters from Baroque and Rococo wall art decor posters online store's Baroque and Rococo poster print catalogue. Our Baroque and Rococo Catalogue, featuring all our prints and posters by 17th and 18th Century Baroque artists, including Caravaggio, Van Dyck, de Hooch and Velasquez, as well as prints and posters of works by renowned Rococo artists, such as Sir Joshua Reynolds, Gainsborough and Watteau. This catalogue lists the major Baroque and Rococo painters and related styles.

Baroque painting evolved from the stylistic innovations of the Renaissance, expanding experiments with perspective and naturalistic representation. The work of the Baroque painters is often marked by highly dramatic scenes, rich color, and a keen sense of personal psychology. Rococo painting drew its inspiration from the French aristocracy, incorporating mythology and romance into sensuous, graceful portraits. Rococo painters such as Watteau, Boucher and Gainsborough offered a rose-colored peek into the private lives of Europe's elite, painting them in delicate colors and mischievous lines.

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Baroque Artists, 17th Century

  Abraham van Beyeren (1)
  Paul Bril (1)
  Adriaen Brouwer (3)
  Caravaggio (0)
  Annibale Carracci (3)
  Aelbert Cuyp (2)
  Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1)
  Guercino (5+)
  Frans Hals (2)
  Jan Davidsz de Heem (3)
  Meindert Hobbema (5)
  Pieter de Hooch (5)
  Giovanni Lanfranco (1)
  Georges de La Tour (2)
  Charles Le Brun (5+)
  Judith Leyster (3)
  Claude Lorrain (5)
  Carlo Maratta (1)
  Bartolome Murillo (5+)
  Louis Le Nain (5+)
  Nicolas Poussin (5)
  Rembrandt van Rijn (70+)
  Peter Paul Rubens (30+)
  Jacob van Ruisdael (2)
  Diego Velazquez (10+)
  Jan Vermeer (20+)

All Rococo


Rococo Artists, 18th Century

  Francois Boucher (30+)
  Canaletto (70+)
  Chardin (20+)
  Jean-Honore Fragonard (10+)
  Thomas Gainsborough (5+)
  Jean-Baptiste Greuze (5+)
  Francesco Guardi (4)
  Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (2)
  Sir Joshua Reynolds (5+)
  Hubert Robert (4)
  Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (2)
  Jean-Antoine Watteau (10+)
  Francesco Zuccarelli (1)

Related Artists and Styles

  Francisco de Goya (30+)
  Mannerism (20+)

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